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Hello readers,

The past week has been very interesting , as I almost hit two months here I have been reflecting on what I have done and achieved. This is can be a positive activity however it can leave you with a negative feeling. When I reflect on my friends, travels and Madrid overall I feel absolutely blessed and couldn’t be happier. Then comes the big BUT.. what about my Spanish. Before I came to Spain I could say HOLA (hello) and that was the extent of my language.

Last week I had my first in class Spanish test, which was exciting as I could understand majority of the tasks. The test covered verbs, changing their endings depending on the sentence and telling the time. When I got my results I did alright but could of done better. It reminded me of doing a spelling test in primary school when you just forget to write an e or put the I in the wrong place. I made a couple of silly mistakes and then with some of the verbs they are very difficult to understand when they are used.  There is no rules and many exceptions – it is something that you just learn along the way. It is so frustrating because you learn one way, think you’ve got the basic understanding but then you’ve got it completely wrong.

One day last week I was trying to do my homework and talk to one of the Spainish girls and I just couldn’t pronounce the words properly. It all just felt so impossible. That is when I just became so negative and felt so stupid. It is hard to hear someone repeat the same sentence over and over again and then you can never say it right or forget it straight away. Here comes the big BUT again – but this is part of learning a language. Which I often need to remind myself.

The next day I realised moments after it actually happened that I understood what our cook said, and that  I automatically translated what said to a friend of mine.. It is these moments that the negativity disappear, and your confidence grows. Languages are hard, and I really can’t speak Spainish to save myself but I came here with no knowledge and now I am understanding words and starting to create random sentences.

My Spainish is better than yesterday and tomorrow it is going to be even better without me ever realising!


Big travel plans for the next two weeks – updates will come.



Jess xx

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