Less than 24hrs in another country

Lovely readers,

Do you remember how I was telling you about cheap flights in Europe and how it makes it easy to go places? Well this blog is rather delayed however it is about 2 weeks ago.

When one is on exchange or travelling, the world just keeps becoming smaller and smaller. The distance between cities, countries doesn’t become a huge factor or issue (Unlike travel in Australia). Often people refer to it as the travel bug- and i’ve definitely got it!

One of best friends has been travelling Europe for the past couple of months and when I asked where he was heading next, he told me Portugal. This particular guy, was the guy who grew up a mad supporter of the Portugal football (soccer) team and refused to play any other team on Fifa for many years. When I found out the days he was in Portugal I realised one of them was my day off and as you know it’s just a little jump from Spain to Portugal. So what was my first reaction? Jump on Ryan air and look up flights! All of sudden I find return flights to Porto – Portugal for 27 Euros. This would of been a missed opportunity.

I guess this when I remind you that I have a day off on a Wednesday but classes on Thursday. Therefore this amazing opportunity for many reasons- a) to see Murray again after a couple of months apart b) see part of the country we always talked about growing up c) less than 24hrs in another country.

Some may say less than 24hours is not enough time but I would call it achievable and acceptable and now officially accomplished! Porto was this city that kept become more surprising. It was old but quiet and peaceful. The name of the city gives it away what it is filled with “PORTo”.  Our day involved talking about our travels, life and walking around the city. It also involved us staring at the sky for a lot of the day, just wondering when it would pour rain on us. Luckily we had just a couple of drops. Finishing the day with Port and cheese by the river, was just the cherry on top for my day trip to Portugal.

After returning early morning Thursday, it wasn’t long until I was packing my bags again for Copenhagen – Denmark!  And we were off again!

Copenhagen was absolutely incredible, I don’t think I could wipe the smile off my face. It was one of those places I always dreamt of going, although i never thought i could get there on this trip. It was actually my first choice for my 2012 exchange. Even though it was freezing and windy, it was a very welcoming city. With plenty of wonderful sights to be seen and explored. Would highly recommend climbing the 100’s of stairs to the top of  Church of our Saviour. I can’t even begin to describe the scenes to you. With great hot chocolates, cute cafes, lovely people and wonderful sights – the weekend went quicker than ever.

This weekend marked a milestone for me. It wasn’t about the travel, the sights, the food and drinks but more about the company. I went to Copenhagen with 2 or the 3 American girls I live with in Madrid, and these girls have become more than friends but rather sisters. It was when we were taking photos in front of the classic colourful houses that I realised that I had made friends for life. I couldn’t imagine exchange without them and I can’t even remember what life was before them. Kind of funny to think that we only all met in August, but here we are a couple months later and I don’t want to be separated.

Exchange is about a lot of things, but the one thing you’ll never truly understand is the emotions it exposes you to. For now I will tell you that i’m the happiest i’ve ever been and surrounded by some of the most incredible people, who I will treasure for the rest of my life.






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