Spring Break and Weekend Getaways

Having finally settled into Kamloops, I’ve been able to get out more on more weekend trips and explore what’s around.

Wells Grey National Park

On the road to Wells Grey National Park

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to land a seat with a few friends on a trip to Wells Grey National Park- just a few hours out of Kamloops. So off we went in the rental car on a treacherously snowy road past mountains and rivers, for a weekend of snow shoeing and waterfalls. I had never snow shoed before, so the first hike we went on was a fantastic experience (and thank god we had snow shoes or we would have been waist deep in snow). The hike went through a few hours of untouched landscape until we finally found the frozen waterfall at the end- and it was absolutely stunning.

Throughout the rest of the weekend we checked out plenty more sights in the park. My favourite was Spahats Falls because you could see the water rushing down inside a clear tube of ice. Such a cool thing to see!

Spahats Falls

On the last day of our trip we drove a few more hours out to Jasper, and did a 6-hour snow-shoe hike up a mountain there. After a few hours of climbing uphill in cold and wet shoes I discovered my enthusiasm for snowshoeing had absolutely faded, and by the time we got back to the car in the evening, I took off my snow-shoes and swore to never put them on again. Although I must admit, the views from the mountain were absolutely worth it.

The absolutely-worth-it view of Jasper from the top of the mountain

Spring Break in Seattle

After a week full of midterm exams and assessments, we were all blessed with a week off. With friends going to New York, California and Banff I decided to take my own holiday and head off to Seattle (mostly because it’s super cheap to get there- only a $15 bus trip from Vancouver!).

Just a tiny part of the gum wall

My week there was absolutely amazing, and while I promised myself to get at least some study done each day, my time was absolutely full with museums, markets, art galleries and famous sights (and needless to say, no study was achieved). My favourite part of Seattle was the Pike Street Markets, a popular farmers market where the original Starbucks café was launched (and believe me, I drank my fair share of coffee there). The markets also have a famous gum wall- where people come from all over the world to chew some gum and stick it on top of what looks like the underside of a high school desk.

Poutine for days (literally)

After a week of travels, I was excited to return back to Kamloops and find out how all my friends’ weeks were. We all caught up at a friend’s house, over an excessive amount of poutine for dinner (a Canadian staple which is basically chips and gravy with the added magic of melted cheese).


Curling is a popular sport in Canada, which looks a lot like lawn balls on an ice rink. One person essentially pushes a rock down the rink, while the rest of the team sweeps in front of it with a panicked expression on their face. I find it absolutely hilarious to watch on TV, simply because the competitors’ faces look so intense, while they watch a stone slowly slide down a rink (it’s a bit odd).

The last weekend I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to give curling a go with a group of my friends. While you feel a bit silly sweeping so vigorously in front of a slowly sliding stone, I had an absolute blast and think I’ve found my new favourite sport!

My first try at curling!

For the rest of my time I’ve just been catching up with friends, studying, drinking excessive amounts of Tim Hortons coffee and yes, still eating too much sushi. Hopefully I’ll have some more adventures to catch you up on soon!

Best wishes,

Sarah xx

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