Ni Juu Kyuu… or bust

It’s official! I am in the last year of my twenties! Lord, I cannot believe I turned 29 on Monday. I finally dragged my way out of my week long death cold just in time for assignment deadlines and finals week prep so I put the birthday celebrations on hold. The gang were having none of it however and gatecrashed the war room (aka my desk) with a cute card, cake and flowers. Bunch of bloody cuties they are. I guess a girl only turns 29 once after all.

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The rest of the week has been pretty chilled. I am back up in the early AM doing terrible Yoga again which was my new ‘old age’ resolution to myself.  We have a sea wall out the front of AP4 that you can walk along and so I set my mat up there in time for sunrise and do some stretches. I now have a few fisherman friends who wave to me (and laugh at my silly posing) when they put their boats out in the morning.

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We went to Oita on Tuesday night to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which was fab. Any night that ends in Chris Pratt is always fine by me! One of the lads bought a BBQ from Hirose so we had that on the beach on Wednesday evening; felt just like home!

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All I have really done since then is study. As Rhianna says, all we do is work, work, work, work, work…. Well, actually that is not strictly true. We also do spend a large portion of our time having a little too much fun so occasional adulting is sometimes required. This week however I was in study mode, cranking out 3-4am finishes which was great fun… The mysterious coffee Gods have thankfully refilled the coffee vending machine downstairs FINALLY; saved my life on a number of occasions this week I tell you.

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We are almost into our final week of first quarter which is complete madness. I can’t believe we have been here two months, it is going so fast. The semester is split into two quarters so some classes will only run for eight weeks, whereas others will go for the full time you are there. You must take a minimum of eight credits (4 classes) and there is no limit on the maximum. I am taking 20 which is ten classes, four this semester and six the next. You choose all your classes in the first week via the infamous ‘Click Wars’. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive when I heard about this. Exchange students are the last people to pick their classes and there are only a certain number of spaces left so it really is first come first serve. They bring you all up to the school and sit you in a computer room facing a big red clock that is counting down in an ominous fashion; kind of like every doomsday clock you have ever seen in any disaster movie. Once it hits zero, all 83 of us had to log in and select our classes. Even more helpful is that you can only pick a class one at a time so you have to keep logging in which only adds to the stress. Once the hunger games is over, you have one week to drop and swap with other students. There is a Facebook page devoted to connecting people that want to swap classes with each other. The key to surviving Click Wars is to always have back ups. I had a few up my sleeve so was able to get everything I needed to cover my credits. There are a number of tricks that really helped us out so if you are reading this post as you are going to APU, don’t hesitate to hit me up with an email and I will give you the 411 of surviving APU’s own educational hunger games.

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Classes themselves are different. I am a distance student so actually going to class (as opposed to sitting in my pjs with my laptop) is a new experience for me. I am loving the class content so far. I am taking a lot of environmental science classes which I haven’t done before so it is really interesting. Considering I haven’t actually sat science in about fifteen years, some of it has been a little challenging but nothing that an extra strong coffee and Professor Google hasn’t been able to sort out. The home work so far has been fairly manageable but we wait with bated breath for finals next week! I will write a little more again about the classes and APU soon.

Anyways, I have much more to tell you but I am currently in Tokyo finally celebrating my birthday!! I flew up from Oita airport last night with five of the gang and we are staying in Shibuya hostel which is fab. Having a sneaky coffee break while I digest the biggest and most delicious bowl of noodles I have ever had eaten before I return to the chaos of the city that never sleeps. Will let you know how the weekend goes next week! Until then, have a good one!

Sian xo

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Waking up at Shibuya Crossing

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