My First Month In Kentucky

It has been officially about a month since I packed up everything and moved to the University of Kentucky. To be honest, I don’t even know how to begin explaining my experience so far. From saying goodbye to my family at the airport till now, it still feels surreal.


^ This is me and my mum (Caroline) at the departure terminal. My step dad had to take this photo because iPhones are way too complicated for Nan hahaha

The lead up to going on exchange is so long and you have so much time to think about what you’re going to do and what it’s going to be like. Once I got here I knew it was completely different than what I expected. It’s like starting year 7 again except you have bigger responsibilities, you really stand out from the rest, you go to frat parties and there are 30,000 more students walking around campus. It is all extremely exciting and a little intimidating.

I arrived in Lexington KY on the 3rd of January after 3 terribly LONG flights. There was the sweetest university volunteer waiting for me at Lexington Blue Grass airport named Esther. I have never been so excited to see someone in my life after travelling for so long. We spoke about her family and she told me about her kids as we walked around Target late at night trying to gather all the essentials I’ll need to sleep, shower, eat etc.
(A few weeks later Esther invited me over for dinner with her family and her children all made drawings for me *nearly cried*!!! and mind you, I was so pleased to finally have a home cooked meal)
The first few days on campus I was completely alone, my other 3 room mates were not back from holidays yet. This gave me time to meet the other internationals and settle in perfectly during all the orientation activities the university had planned for me that week.

Let me skip forward a few weeks..

Okay, so its FREEZING. Who knew Lexington actually got this cold. I’m going to put a picture in here of me standing in the snow because I was so embarrassingly excited that there was snow fall. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN SYDNEY!! I would be walking to lunch and there is snow just falling all around me, it’s just so amazing and so much fun.


^ You can obviously see how excited I am


^ Bathurst seriously needs to pick up its game, the campus is beauuuutiful!

I have made friends with freshman and juniors now and have become closer to an English girl thats also on exchange, I have been to a few frat parties (yes everyone, they are exactly like the movies) and I have eaten A LOT of food. (American food is so bad for you but everything tastes so good) There is food everywhere you look, it’s incredible.
I have had to make so many adjustments that I didn’t know I would have to. Socially, America is very different! I think it comes down to sarcasm? I mean, I honestly don’t know but making friends (whether you are out at night or not) is more difficult than what it is like in Australia. When I say difficult, it’s not negative…just really different! This makes it all really interesting.


^ These are freshman girls I met and this was my first night out!!


^ Taelah is on the left (she is from my home town but she is doing exchange in Indiana!!!! which is so cool. I am doing all my travelling with her at the end of exchange) The girl in the middle is Bailey, she was so excited to meet an Australian I honestly thought she was going to cry


^ This is Taelah again at Local Taco, best tacos ever!


^ This is just a cool photo of the old Kentucky theatre that I thought everyone should see hahaha


^ This is my friend Kelly (We are going to spring break together in Florida…I mean how American!!!) and myself just eating more food


^ This is Shelbi!!! Shelbi and myself met when she did exchange at CSU a couple of semesters ago. Why is she painted in gold? Well… there was this event called Greek Sing where all the fraternities and sororities have this massive dance competition! Yes, the boys dancing seriously for a 5 minute routine was very entertaining!


^ This is Shelbi and I at the movies after we ate our body weight in sushi. This just proves how amazingly unhealthy America is…
Pour extra melted butter on everything?! Yes please!

Adapting to new learning styles has definitely been the biggest adjustment so far! America has homework every week and exams more often, AND attendance is marked every class (which is twice a week). It kind of feels like I have gone back to high school in a way, so managing my time has definitely changed due to having so much on all the time.

ALSO!!!! I went to my first basketball game a couple weeks back. I don’t know if you (whoever is reading this) are aware of how serious college sport is here in America but MY GOODNESS. I have never seen anything like it. I mean, these basketball players are literally famous and the coach is like the highest paying employee here!! AND its all on ESPN?!?!? This is sooooo different to good old res cup down in Bathurst and I absolutely loved it. It was a packed out massive stadium with thousands of people all dressed in blue yelling ‘Go Wildcats’. For those of you who don’t know me you will not understand how excited I was when this happened. Growing up, High School Musical was everything which mean I had a little obsession! So yelling out ‘Go Wildcats’ in the eruption zone (where all the students stand and scream) was like my childhood dream coming true.  Who knew going on exchange could make all this happen! (seriously best moment of my life)


[wpvideo AqYWZ6l9]


Where is my Troy Bolton?!


[wpvideo J8hzWTd8]

^ This is when we won!!! Ps. None of these photos or videos do it justice!


I have honestly learnt so much so far and its only been a month. On a sad note, this whole experience is going so fast and I am going to look into staying for a year because I just don’t want to leave.
I feel as though I have rambled about so many different things for so long but it’s all just so incredible and I can’t wait to keep everyone posted on what I do next.
Everything has been so exciting from getting my student card (I was way too happy to get my first offical Kentucky ID) to going to typical American events and even sitting through long classes! University of Kentucky has definitely out done itself and it’s only been a month!

– Abbey

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