Studying Overseas

When I left Australia I had completed 3 ½ years of study. This saw me taking equivalent subjects from all different “levels” in Chester. Year one=Level four, Year two =Level three etc.

As I’m studying education one of the motivations for my CSU Global adventure was to experience a different education system. I expected many similarities between the Universities but along the way I have found many differences!

I am studying 5 University of Chester subjects over two semesters, with 2 CSU Distance subjects thrown in for good measure. The workload of my particular subjects is nowhere near as much as CSU, thus I felt quite confident taking 2 distance subjects (this is more than recommended).

Three of my Chester University subjects only run for one semester with two of them going for the full year. For each subject I only have one or two assignments for each and so far they have all been essays! This caused me a little bit of stress, as education subjects back home are very practical and hands on, I find myself creating PowerPoint presentations, creating lesson plans and activities. Needless to say I do prefer CSU in that regard, although working on my essay skills turned out to be much needed!

Most of my classes are quite small and very quiet!! This has its pro’s and con’s.

My University timetable leaves me with loads of free time (I only have 2-3 classes a week) which was difficult to get used to. Back home I was working 3 jobs while played soccer and netball which left no free time. This free time has also been a blessing, as it leaves me with plenty of time off for adventures!


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