20 Things I have Learnt in 200 Days in England.

  1. The phrase ‘Alright?’. Is that a greeting? Do I not look alright? Are you telling me something? (A: it is a greeting, the correct response is “Yeah you?
  2. Everyone knows someone who has been to Australia and loved it.
  3. The footpath is not yours. Whether you walk left, right or straight down the middle, you WILL get bumped into multiple times a minute.
  4. Peas and chips are the only side dishes that exist (98% sure on this one).
  5. Primary is some sort of secret shopping heaven the rest of the world needs.
  6. Vitamin D deficiency is a thing.
  7. Queues are a highly, highly valued system of order within Great Britain. Do not under any circumstances queue jump (you’ll only make that mistake once!)
  8. A bacon bap can fix almost any problem/hangover. This also applies to Nando’s, Wagamammas and Pret a Manger.
  9. Fanta is yellow.
  10. The coffee is, um, an acquired taste.. England I love you, you know I do, but this is the truth and I’m sorry it had to be said.
  11. Pennies are pretty much useless.
  12. Garlic, mayo and a combination of the two are highly versatile and prevalent condiments.
  13. When the sun’s out, everyone’s out.
  14. You can buy a return plane ticket to Germany for 20 pounds. Although a 2 hour train trip to London with cost at least triple.
  15. I’m not sure thunderstorms exist in England (it’s been 200 days without one).
  16. You can straighten your hair without a mirror- there are no power points in English bathrooms.
  17. Dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere, as should be the case worldwide in my opinion.
  18. The biscuit choice is incredible- a packet of jammy dodgers and a good cuppa can easily become the highlight of a Friday night.
  19. Despite preconceptions and meticulously made plans, academic exchange will always be a once in a lifetime, life changing adventure. And one I’m so glad I found the courage to do.
  20. The love for Australia I didn’t know I had.

I would never have described myself as particularly patriotic. I supposed I loved my home as much as the next person (minus Pauline Hanson and the 26th of Jan) .But apparently the culture I have grown up in has really influenced the person I am and are becoming. I often find myself playing Australian music during “Prinks” (pre-drinks), showing everyone pictures of our beaches, rivers and weirs and allowing myself to discover my inner chilled out Australian. And it feels good.


England, you will be missed xx

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