Three months into my semester

Juggling Uni vs Social


One of my favourite hobbies. Visiting local art galleries!

As a foreign student in Barcelona, it has been difficult to juggle my studies, sightseeing and social life. There is so much to experience here that it’s hard to find time to do everything. Going back to university to study as a mature student is one thing but being on a global exchange has been and continues to be exciting! I feel I do not have enough time to see and experience everything. The first two months of university has been absolutely crazy. Settling into my subjects, searching for a new home, making new and wonderful friends, traveling around Catalan and getting into a schedule to keep myself on track with my studies were not easy. There are many temptations coming from different angles! However, I had a good advice before leaving home from the CSU Global Exchange team – “keep a balanced life”. And with this in the back of my mind, I was able to lessen unnecessary obstacles by regularly doing my university studies and was able to manage my time to enjoy the cultural experience of being in Barcelona, Spain.


Doing things I never thought I would do


In Huesca (pre-Pyrennes) where it’s famous for canyoning


Who would have ever thought I would swap my beach lifestyle to hiking mountains and canyons.







 via Ferrata at Sants Feliu de Guixols


Barcelona lifestyle


At a classmate’s birthday party

I was surprised to realise I did not feel homesick after the first month away. I have an old Aussie friend living in Tarragona, an hour away by train from Barcelona, who came up for a weekend and introduced me to the Spanish lifestyle first hand. I learnt quickly, where to get my groceries, whether at Carrefour or at Mercadona stores; what’s good to eat and what’s not; avoid shopping between 2 to 4pm as almost everyone takes their siesta and shops are closed for lunch. Public transportation is so efficient that I quickly dismissed any ideas of getting a scooter or an image of me scooting around Barcelona.

I have to admit by the end of April I became homesick and yearned to be back on the powdery sands of the Northern Beaches of Sydney and craved for a simple peanut butter sandwich or hot fish and chips at my local beach. But life is so intriguing in this small city of Barcelona that I found myself quickly submerging into the Spanish culture. Plus, having good classmates around helps a lot.


International Day at La Salle University – 26th April

exchange fair

Proudly representing Australia!

It was my absolute pleasure to represent Australia and CSU on International Day. A little advice for all future global exchange students going overseas: pack an Aussie flag! This will save you spending time drawing and colouring in an Australian flag. And prepare to bake or cook 2 or 3 Australian dishes. I was able to bring mini meat pies, sausage rolls and the famously delicious vegemite sandwich for the event. I didn’t win any prizes but more importantly, everyone had a very good time. I was happy to share my knowledge of Australia and be a model for the happy, laid back vibes of Australians.


Exchange Vlog 1

This is just a short video showing some of the social things I have been up to! Ive lost some of the footage from the beginning of the semester 😦 but there are more of these to come!