Winter is coming….

As the first half of the semester comes to a close, my friends and new Trent family all head home or to travel for reading week. I decided I would head to Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal and Quebec city for some new and exciting adventures.

Toronto is amazing. Despite the lack of enthusiasm many Canadians show toward the city, it is full of amazing people, food, sights and events. I finally got to experience my first live ice hockey match in Ottowa. Even though the Maple Leafs had an off-game, the vibe and noise created by the crowd in the stadium made it a night to remember. Quebec city is full of cobble stone streets, a deep entrenched history of war and destruction and amazing food and drink. Upon walking about 2km out of the Old City walls, I found myself a part of town full of young people, amazing bars and friendly locals wanting to show me round the city. Lets just say it was definitely a fun night… For the second time I visited Montreal on my way back to Trent. Coincidentally it happen to fall on Halloween. My first Halloween in America, and definitely my favourite. Everyone dressed up in serious costumes, ready to have fun and dance the night away.


I have now returned to Trent for my final 7 weeks. The Fall colours (which were amazing) have come and gone, and winter is well on its way. Not sure I’m ready, but definitely looking forward to another crazy adventure !

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My first week at Trent University

IMG_1883.JPGAfter 5 weeks of traveling up the west coast of America, arriving to a beautiful campus and a place to call home for more than 2 nights was a huge relief. The international O week started with the usual introductions and tours of our new home. Throughout the week we all started to form friendships and enjoying the beggining of this new adventure. After many social events and activities, it has become obvious that many of these people I will be spending most of my time at Trent socializing with. I have also joined the rugby team which has given me another avenue of meeting new mates and has allowed me to get even more involved in the student community. If this is only the first week here, I truly can’t wait for the rest of these four months to come !