Back to New Jersey and Fleetwood Mac Concert!!


Sunday October 12th

Wow what a weekend it has been! I got back today from going back to New Jersey to visit my parents, brother cat and puppy! It was a busy but fun weekend!

On the thursday before  I went home I went to the bar like usual. This time I went with a couple of different friends but it still ended up being a blast! Towards the end of the night the bar ended up playing some old music from the early 2000’s which was nice listening and dancing to different music! Although I love going to gregorys bar they have cheap drinks and everyone is super friendly I might try a different bar next week!


On friday October 10th My parents came to collect me from Mansfield to drive me back to our home in New Jersey. It was so good seeing them again and my puppy was so excited to see me when I got home! That night I went out to dinner with my parents and my brother. Finally I was having a decent meal! My parents and I first went to a bar beforehand where I had a cider Margarita it was delicious! My brother then joined us for dinner at an Italian restuarant where I ate a chicken parmigiana!



On the saturday I walked my puppy, did some homework, packed all my winter clothes, had a massage and a haircut and then got ready for Fleetwood Mac Concert!

My parents, brother and I went to Fleetwood Mac Concert that night and they were amazing!! They played at the prudential centre in Newark, New Jersey! The concert started around 8pm and they finished up about 10:30. They played two of my favorite songs which are Landslide and Everywhere! I was so excited when Stevie Nicks announced that Landslide was dedicated to her Australian friend in which before she started playing she said ” This song is for all the Aussies out there”  I was hoping that one of their songs would have been dedicated to the British but no luck! They played many of their other famous songs such as Go your own way and Gypsy!

A little bit about Fleetwood Mac

They formed in 1967

they are a British and American band

They have five main members which are Mick Fleetwood, John Mcvie,Christine Mcvie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks

one of their most famous songs is Landslide which was recorded in 1975 it was sung by Stevie Nicks.

The concert was really amazing and probably one of the best ive been to even though our seats were up really high!


On the Sunday  I said goodbye to my brother and to my fat cat. My parents,myself and puppy joined this time for the three and a half hour trip back to Mansfield! It was my puppys first long drive in which he loved it! We had lunch at Night and Day coffee in Mansfield which I had a delicious chicken salad. I then said my goodbyes at the university. Thanks for the great weekend mum,dad and Greg!  🙂  I will be returning back to New Jersey next month for another weekend!


Next weekend I am off to Pittsburgh! keep posted on my next post 🙂


Scranton and PA Grand Canyon!!

Thursday October 9th

Quite a few things have happened since my last blog post!

apart from the endless amounts of homework to do everyday

I went to the bar like usual last Thursday night was able to have four beers for just under 11 dollars so so cheap $$10414898_10152461630891633_3067427416520751278_n

not much happened on the Friday night and i had an assignment to finish so for once I had a friday night in.

Saturday October 4th


I went to Scranton with the International students to visit a coal mine and a American brewery it was a awesome day out!

The coal mine is Lackawanna County Coal mine which is located in Scranton Pennsylvania. It opened up in 1860 and today serves the purpose of being a retired coal mine and museum. The mine retired in 1966 in which the tour stops where the miners ended their final days.

The tour lasted for about an hour in which we went backwards on a mine car down a 190 slope. On the tour which was a tad chilly we got to see what the lives of miners were like and what some of the terrible conditions they were working under. We even got to wear super sexy helmets! 😉 I was highly impressed by the tour as I found it fascinating going back through time and seeing what the working lives of miners were like! Our tour guide was brilliant and really funny too!10624666_10152469629416633_5242761859090149711_n10689820_10152465179961633_8974047683423418588_n

Our next stop was Susquehanna Brewing company! The company is located in Pittston Pennsylvania which inst far from Scranton! This brewing company has been around for awhile and although it isnt very popular some of the beers are really nice! We got there around 2 pm and had a tour of the brewery which lasted for about an hour. I tried two samples of the beer called 6th generation stock ale and pumkin ale both were really good!


After the tour we went and had dinner at an Indian resturant which was really delicious. We got back to Mansfield around 8:30 pm.

That night I went to a social gathering with friends and met even more cool people!


On wednesday Otober 8th Ashlee, and our friend Zach drove to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is about 40 minutes away from Mansfield. The actual name for it is Pine Creek Gorge but everyone calls it the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon as it looks similar in a way to the Grand Canyon. The deepest point is 1,450 feet at waterville . It is a product of the last ice age. Its a very beautiful place to visit and you get the most spectatcular views aswell as many walking trails! I would love to go back to this beautiful place agaian one day!

1653300_10152483944941633_8205159127465826444_n 10170816_10152477394006633_9004179694107841235_n


Going to the bar again tonight which should be fun! Going back to New Jersey next weekend, cant wait! 🙂


Homecoming Weekend!!


Monday September 29th

Wow the past week and weekend just gone have been crazy! Throughout the week I had the usual daily classes and endless amounts of homework to get done. On Thursday afternoon I had my usual after class coffee with my  American friend Miranda who is from Pennsylvania who is really lovely and awesome as she loves coffee! The coffee here isn’t as great as Australia but its still coffee so it will do!


On Thursday night I went to the bar as usual with my friends that are of course 21!! Had a few cheap beers again and even had one drink of vodka and raspberry which was only $3.50!!! Alcohol is certainly very very cheap here and even more cheap in Mansfield!! Friday night was also another night of shenanigans with Ashlee and a few other friends!

10639588_10152447158266633_5106779754029515779_n1 10649705_10152458153956633_3151266942774794994_n1

On the Saturday it was a rather eventful day as this particular weekend it was homecoming weekend with the theme being All roads lead to home. The weekend was also centered around 1890s theme too. In 1892 was when college football played their first football game at night time which was held at Mansfield University between Wyoming Seminary. The university had a reenactment  of the football game and there was also a parade that morning. The parade started around 10:30 am which had many groups and clubs from Mansfield university and other schools. The parade went through the town and included clubs such as all the sororities and fraternities, the biology club, the basketball team, football, the band, cheer leading, working with the disabled, many others and I walked in the parade as part of the international club! After the parade it was followed by the football game which started at 1 pm. unfortunately our football team lost again but it was a pretty fun game to watch ad at half time they announced homecoming king and queen! Homecoming king and queen is not only done in American high schools but also in college too. at Mansfield University students are elected to try for king and queen to represent a club or organization. The basketball team will elect a member to be nominated for king and the cheer leading quad will be elect a member to go for queen. they announce the winners during half time at the football game. all the nominees get all dressed up and have escorts which is kinda like a ‘date’. Homecoming is also really big because its usually when a lot of the alumni come back to visit Mansfield and it just becomes a really social weekend!10352412_10152458634841633_8756172819837913915_n1  10489814_10152458635266633_7222756637818126393_n1

Saturday night I went out with friends to another social gathering met lots of new people and didn’t get home until around 3 am..


On the Sunday just passed i went out with my friend Shelby who is really lovely! to lunch at Night and Day coffee which is the best coffee shop in Mansfield! I had a chicken salad which was the best meal I have had since coming to Mansfield!!

next weekend I am off to Scranton for the day to see a coal mine and an American Brewery!

Stay posted for my next blog 🙂


10712786_10152434644756633_8564090916944704805_n1 This is still my favorite view from the campus 🙂

Saturday night football and other shenanigans!


Monday September 22nd

Its been a rather eventful past week and weekend. Last Tuesday night I went out to Gregory’s bar with friends to celebrate a friends 21st birthday. In the USA 21st birthdays are the biggest thing as you are officially allowed to drink!  It was a pretty awesome night in which the bar played a mixture of both country and non country songs! Did i mention that alcohol is really cheap here?? beer is especially cheap  but its not as good as the beer you get in England or Australia..Although Corona beer is only $3.50 which isn’t bad at all!


It was a really exhausting week filled with lots of homework assignments and shenanigans such as having friends over for British tea and people trying Vegemite..  I had to take a nap on Thursday afternoon in which  Ashlee my awesome  room mate thought it was absolutely hilarious to take a photo of me sleeping…


lesson learnt perhaps take a nap when your room mate in class or somewhere else so they cant take any sneaky photos of you!

The weekend just gone was also called ‘friends and family weekend’ in which peoples mainly freshman’s parents and friends come up for the weekend to see how they are doing!

On the Friday night I went out with friends to a social gathering where I met even more people who just love my accent.  I personally believe that everyone has an accent and in every country I have lived in the accent varies depending on where you go.


Saturday night was the big night of the year so far..  It was the first official football game of the season in which they play at night.The event was called ‘light up Mansfield’ they turn all the lights on and the game doesn’t start until it actually is somewhat dark which was around 7:30 pm. They also have fireworks as well. our team sadly lost but it wasn’t by much but it was an eventful night and it was the first time Ashlee has ever watched american football! unfortunately it is starting to get colder in Mansfield everyone keeps reminding us here how much colder it is going to get..10440186_10152437289851633_2675696442585376542_n 10659267_10152437072056633_8341386745706389290_n

here are some American words

beat- means a lame situation

booze-means alcohol

sweater means a jumper, a jersey

they say truck instead of lorry

they say trash can instead of bin

they say elevator instead of lift

beat can also mean knackered

a car park is a parking lot

also a holiday is a called a vacation.

Oh and university life is very different the American university way of life is similar to high school in which you have freshman that are first years, followed by sophomores that are second years, juniors which is your third year and senior which for most is your last year at college.

The work has started getting more intense however i am loving the social life here, next weekend is Homecoming weekend 🙂

Missing everyone from Australia, England,Singapore, California and of course my family in New Jersey!


Niagara Falls and Darien Lake Amusement Park!

pretty      darien-lake

Monday September 15th

On Saturday September 13th, I went to Niagara Falls and Darien Lake Amusement park with Ashlee and a few other friends. I have been to Niagara Falls before back in April when it was absolutely bloody freezing! However on the Saturday just gone it was cold but not as cold as back then. Niagara Falls is a  really beautiful place. Its the name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the USA.  The American falls are located in New York where we visited on Saturday.  We got on the bus at 6:30 am to drive to Niagara Falls it was about a three hour bus trip. The other two falls are called the Horseshoe and the Bridal veil falls. Sadly we didn’t get to go to the Canadian side as we ran out of time! I enjoyed having the opportunity to go back to the beautiful Niagara Falls however the weather wasn’t the best as it was raining but I still managed to get some good pictures.


niagara-falls  niagara



A few facts about Niagara Falls

– The combined falls form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world

– The horseshoe fall drops about 188 feet

– the total height of the fall is 167 feet

-The oldest and best known tourist attraction at the falls is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise

Although I have now been to Niagara falls twice I will have to go back again so I can go on the boat cruise! If you ever go to the USA you should go and visit the falls as they are really beautiful!


smileeeee  niagara1

After Niagara Falls we went to Darien Lake Amusement park which is located in New York between Buffalo and Rochester. It was opened in 1981 and use to be apart of Six Flags until 2007. We got to Darien Lake around 3 pm and of course I headed straight for the rollercoasters first! The rollercoasters at Darien Lake are not as good as the ones in Jackson New Jersey but they were still pretty fun.  Darien Lake has about 6 thrill rollercoasters in which I went on 5 of them. The Ride of Steel is probably the theme parks best ride and the fastest. I even went on a drop ride called Blast Off which wasn’t that bad but I would much rather go on a rollercoaster than be dropped from a bloody high height! We stayed at Darien Lake until about 9 pm and it was a two hour trip back to Mansfield. It was an extremely tiring day but was well worth it. It was also good to get out of Mansfield for the day and do something different 🙂



darien-lakeeee   darien-lakeee1



The Past Three weeks at Mansfield!

Monday September 15th

The past three weeks at Mansfield have been super busy but a lot of fun! I had my first day of classes on august 25th in which I discovered that my history lecturer for two of my history subjects is from Singapore! This was pretty exciting news to me as I have lived in Singapore and consider it to be one of my homes. Classes here are very different to back in Australia. Back in Australia we have university two or three days a week. Here I have class EVERYDAY  the only good part of it is that its only for two hours a day! Everyone here is really nice and friendly and they think its cool that I am both British and Australian. Mansfield is quite hilly but the views are beautiful.mansfieldd

The first week of university not much happened as it was just intro to classes. The first Friday of the first week Ashlee my awesome Aussie room mate and I went to a bonfire with a few friends it was a lot of fun!  That weekend we had very little homework so it was a good weekend to meet new people and socialize! Ashlee and I went to a picnic for the International club that we are apart of. The food was rather delicious and we even tried sloppy Joes. Sloppy Joes are a classic American food in which it is a sandwich that consists of ground beef,onions, tomato sauce that are served on a hamburger bun. Its really quite yummy even though the title sounds gross.

bonfireee  picnicc


The second week of classes the work was starting to get a little harder. Back at CSU we mainly just have major assignments but here we have daily homework which isn’t hard but it counts towards your final grade.  All my lecturer’s here are  nice and friendly and everyone is super helpful. I have made a few new friends in my classes which is good.I met someone from California which is awesome as I have lived there too! Not much has been happening at Mansfield University as the year has just started but in the upcoming weeks we have homecoming and family and friends weekend.

Mansfield University has been great so far, the people are nice and the town is quite lovely!. However it is a very small town there’s not much to do on weekends except go out  or to go to the bar if you’re 21.  I have been to one bar in town called Gregorys bar which sells pretty cheap alcohol, A bud light beer is only about $2.75 which is very very cheap!! In England, Australia and Singapore alcohol is quite expensive!


A few facts about Mansfield and the University

-its located in Tioga County, Pennsylvania

-it was founded in 1800 but an English Settler

-Mansfield University was established in 1857

-the population of the town is 3,625

-our mascot is  a Mountie!

-The University doesn’t have an actual football team but it does have sprint football

The food is rather gross at the university which is one of the negatives however the tacos aren’t too bad! craving some British fish and chips and Australian sausage rolls & meat pies right now.  I am missing Australia a lot but so far I am absolutely loving it here! 🙂


First weekend in Mansfield!

Sunday August 24th

I’ve been in Mansfield about a week and I am already loving it! The past few days have been rather busy but fun. Ashlee and I went for a walk to McDonald’s with Solene a girl from France who is pretty cool and we got absolutely drenched walking home as it poured with rain! On Friday we met alot of the freshman class and we even participated in some of the activities with them. Ashlee and I went for a bike ride on Friday afternoon we rode all the way to Walmart was a bloody long way but it was rather nice.

bike ride


I went out on Friday night it was my first night out in the USA! I went with the exchange students from Germany and a couple of others. I decided to experience the true American culture and try a bud light beer! It was only 2.75 dollars and wasn’t that bad! After the bar I bought a case of 12 beers for only 14 dollars which is pretty cheap! We all headed off to a ‘frat party’ met some really nice people and played beer pong it was a pretty good night. 🙂

beer beer cups


Ashlee and I are sill trying to get our fellow American friends to like Vegemite hasn’t been very successful so far. I have had to explain quite a few times to everyone that the British version of Vegemite which is called marmite is not the same!  Its a good thing that Ashlee bought some Vegemite with her and as for tea. Another item that is hard to get is English tea but the coffee isn’t too bad here still not as good Australia though!

vegemite  tea

Went out again last night played beer pong and flip cup. The food is slightly improving  had some delicious tacos today. The people are all really nice and friendly here and the campus is beautiful. Classes start tomorrow!