a little catch up

I feel like I have neglected my blog somewhat, so here are a few photos to catch up =] We have some pretty snow up Whistler way, the Ice-Hockey game, and Halloween 😀

Rockies over the Thanksgiving weekend

I went on the famous Rocky Mountains tour over the four day Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully these photos offer a different view =]

and then there was one…

So unfortunately a piece of the end of my trip has jumped up early, changing the whole dynamics of my time over here. Chloe, my Welsh other-half is terribly home-sick and leaving tomorrow. She’s only been here a month, but misses home terribly and will arrive back home just in time for the start of her academic semester. Chloe and I do everything together; maybe it’s because we both speak English, or because we arrived together, or simply because we’re just those two people who are two peas in a pod and hit it off right away. I reckon this next week is going to be a lazy week without her around, but hopefully – HOPEFULLY I’ll get some of that work done and dusted in her absence 😛
It also means that I have to go on the four day Rocky Mountains trip without her… or anyone else I know! I’m sure I’ll meet lots of friendly new faces though =]
And now for my favourite picture from the Vancouver Aquarium! Mr C. Otter!
xx ro

trip to Whistler and surrounding waterholes

settled in and travelling around!

So I’m just entering into week three of classes. I only have four classes, one for each subject, but the classes are three hours long, and two of them go from 7-10pm! I struggle to stay awake in class that late at night, but oh well. The classes are really interesting, and I am amazed at some of the differences between Australian and Canadian laws etc. Having the border between Canada and America definitely gives me another perspective on border control as well. Apparently 90% of the Canadian population is located within 100miles of the Canadian/American border.

There is an amazing uni life here, with events on several times a week every week. There is a big emphasis on alcohol not being involved in the uni atmosphere. We have a bar on campus, but it’s only open until 7pm, and we’re only allowed to drink in our units – not in any of the common areas. There is a pub right next to us though and it’s open til after my 10pm classes – hahaha. It’s just very different from living in MTG where we had pre-drinks parties going on at least once per week in the common rooms.

Back to the academics side of things, my lecturers have amazing backgrounds wich are very relevant to the subjects they teach, and one of them even co-wrote the text book we use (as well as the FBI etc!). They have amazing practical and theoretical knowledge of what they teach. I thought about applying for a job here, but to be honest I don’t think I’m anywhere near as qualified coming out of uni as the graduates here would be. They stay in the course an extra year or two, with three semesters per year and do subjects like Problem Management Skills and Criminal Justice Interventions, which is part one of a practical subject about problem management as a police officer! I’m stoked with the execution of the subjects I chose!

Now on to the fun stuff! A group of 8 of us international exchange students hired two cars and went to Whistler for the weekend. My group of four went on the Monkido Aerial Adventure course and the ATVs (quad-bikes) and then we all did the Zip-lines yesterday. It was an amazing way to see the area in the summer! Here’s a photo 😀 and just to think – it’s only the third week in!

xx ro

we’ve only just got started!

So I finally reached the University of the Fraser Valley in Canada! I’m most of the way through O-Week and I’ve finally started catching up on time difference, cultural differences and the general swing of things. I’m in love with Canada, the people and I am SO excited to get things going! They have so many trips planned for us to go to the surrounding regions, to go on snowboarding adventures and all that, and it’s only just getting started!

Hurricane Isaac on its way

So part of being in Florida at this time of year is that it is storm/hurricane season; the weather is well into the 30s, has a sticky humidity and  with lightning and storms a daily occurrence. I’ve had to start watching the weather etc. because hurricane Isaac is supposed to make itself present between Saturday and Monday, and my flight is on Sunday morning… Fingers crossed my flights all go OK!